JOHN 4:6‑39


  John 4:14 But whosoever drinketh of the

            water that I shall give him shall

            never thirst; but the water that

            I shall give him shall be in him

            a well of water springing up into

            everlasting life.



  1. We see in John 4: Jesus meeting the

  Samaritan woman at the well of Jacob.


  2. We see her conviction of sin, her

  confession and salvation, and then we see

  her testimony for  Christ.


  3. There is a reward for those who receive

  Christ and labor in His harvest fields.


  4. We all seek satisfaction and

  contentment. And this is not an

  unachievable goal.


  5. We merely need to meet Jesus and accept

  from Him that living water and all the

  satisfaction that it offers is ours.


  6. Therefore, as our account of the woman

  at the well unfolds let us commit ourselves

  to making the necessary adjustments in our

  lives, so that we too can have that

  contentment of soul that we all need.




  John 4:6‑7  6 Now Jacob's well was there.

             Jesus therefore, being wearied

             with his journey, sat thus on

             the well: and it was about the

             sixth hour.

              7 There cometh a woman of

             Samaria to draw water: Jesus

             saith unto her, Give me to



  Jesus is at the well between 9 & 12 noon

  this is when women come to draw water.


  Jesus speaks first. v 7


  When we are going about our every day life

  we are confronted with Jesus ‑ This

  confrontation comes through the Holy



  John 16:7‑11  7 Nevertheless I tell you the

               truth; It is expedient for you

               that I go away: for if I go

               not away, the Comforter will

               not come unto you; but if I

               depart, I will send him unto


                8 And when he is come, he

               will reprove the world of sin,

               and of righteousness, and of


                9 Of sin, because they

               believe not on me;

               10 Of righteousness, because I

               go to my Father, and ye see me

               no more;

               11 Of judgment, because the

               prince of this world is



  What are some typical questions that Jesus

  may be asking you?


  For the unsaved perhaps the question


  "is there really a God?"

  "is there really a heaven or hell"

  "what must I do to be saved"


  For the Christian perhaps the question

  would be this morning


  "how can I please God?"


  I believe we know the answer to these

  questions this morning.


  Sometimes God speaks through a question so

  that we can answer.


  Questions require a response. How are we

  responding to the questions that the Holy

  Spirit brings to our mind?


  When Jesus is trying to speak to you will

  you give Him the opportunity to speak.


  Too many people are trying to block out

  that voice that speaks to us all.


  They try to blame their sin on situations

  or their hard life.


  The fact is Jesus is trying to get us to

  see our life for what it is and to help us

  to put our lives in order so that we can

  experience the peace that comes from not

  having to make excuses for our faults and





     A. The question by the woman


  Why? Why me.


     B. The answer

          1. To reveal a gift and the giver

          of the gift


  John 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to

             steal, and to kill, and to

             destroy: I am come that they

             might have life, and that they

             might have it more abundantly.



  Eph 3:20 Now unto him that is able to do

           exceeding abundantly above all

           that we ask or think, according to

           the power that worketh in us,


          2. That She might respond to His

           request by asking for water

          which would satisfy the guilt and

          unrest that never ceased within her



     C. The question? (vs 11‑12)


          1. where will you get this living



          2. is you living water better than

          what our fathers have provided for



     D. The answer (vs 13‑14)


          1. Whosoever drinks of this well

          will thirst again.


               a. This is an earthly well it

               temporarily satisfies the physical


  All the wealth in the world cannot mend a

  broken heart, nor forgive of sin, nor make

  right what a sinful heart has destroyed.


  Nor can it heal the guilt that comes from a

  life of sin.


          2. The water that Jesus offers will

          satisfy for ever.


 Ps 107:9 For he satisfieth the longing soul,

          and filleth the hungry soul with



  Isa 58:11 And the LORD shall guide thee

            continually, and satisfy thy soul

            in drought, and make fat thy

            bones: and thou shalt be like a

            watered garden, and like a spring

            of water, whose waters fail not.


  Ps 42:1 As the hart panteth after the water

          brooks, so panteth my soul after

          thee, O God.


     E. the response (vs 15) Give me this



          1. If this water is available

             I want it.


     Jesus then shows her what she must do to

     have this water. (vs 16‑28)


          a. He reveals her sin (16‑20)

          b. He corrects her misconceptions




               1. concerning worship (21‑24)


                    a) not limited to a place

                    b) salvation is of the


                         Jew brings the Bible

                         Jesus is a Jew


                    c) worship can only be

                    achieved through the





          c. concerning Jesus  (25‑26)


               1. He is not just a prophet

               2. He is the Messiah





          A. The disciples marveled (vs 27)


          We must strive to reach all people

          with the Gospel.


          B. She left her waterpot


               Gave up her false hope of

               being satisfied through

               earthly satisfaction.


          C. She tells of her experience

             She invites others to experience

             the same.


          D. Many come to Christ because of

          her testimony.


          E. Jesus exhorts His disciples to



          1. By example

          2. By explaining the urgency

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