Bro. Bill and wife
  Pastor Owens and his family 
Abigail, Rachel, Sharon (Mom)
Bill (Dad), Dennis, Samuel
 September 2001
Pastor Bill Owens is a native of Winchester. He was born and reared in the Williams Cove community.
In 1976 Brother Owens accepted Christ as his Savior. Two years later feeling the Lord had called him to preach,
Brother Owens left Winchester to help establish an Independent Baptist Church in Prince Frederick, Maryland.
After three years as assistant pastor, Brother Owens went to Jacksonville, Florida and attended Trinity Baptist College.  In 1985 he graduated with a bachelor's degree in church ministries.
In January 1986 Brother Owens established Calvary Baptist Church in Franklin, Tennessee. 
In July 1992 Brother Owens introduced the members of Calvary Baptist Church in Franklin to Pastor Mitch Martin who started Spring Meadows Baptist and moved back to Winchester to establish Hope Baptist Church in Cowan.
September 2008 marked 16 years of service at Hope Baptist Church.
The church building has gone through several renovations with the addition of a fellowship hall and this past year the Children's Church property.

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