Job 7:1 Is there not an appointed

        time to man upon earth? are

        not his days also like the

        days of an hireling? (KJV)


There was a popular slogan a few years ago.


"You only go around once in life".


One time to do it right.


James 4:14 Whereas ye know not what

           shall be on the morrow.

           for what is your life? It

           is even a vapour, that

           appeareth for a little

           time, and then vanisheth

           away. (KJV)



One does only go around once in this



What will we do in our time?


If we would accomplish the purpose

for which God saved us. We must set

some goals and work to accomplish



Now is your time.





A. If you are not saved you are not alive in Christ.


You are dead in trespasses and sin.


Eph 2:1 And you hath he quickened,

        who were dead in trespasses

        and sins; (KJV)


Eph 2:2


One begins to live when he accepts

Jesus as personal Saviour.


He is born again  - John 3:1‑7

Realizes his sin -    Rom 3:23

                               Rom 5:12

Realizes the wages of sin - Rom 6:23;  Rev 20:14‑15

Realizes God has provided the payment Rom 5:8; 1 Peter 2:24


Has repented - Luke 13:3,5

Has received Christ - John 1:12; Rom 10:9‑10; Rev 3:20


 B. Walk in God's way.


Deut 5:33 Ye shall walk in all the

          ways which the LORD your

          God hath commanded you,

          that ye may live, and that

          it may be well with you,

          and that ye may prolong

          your days in the land

          which ye shall possess.


     C. Walk After the Spirit


Romans 8:1 There is therefore now no

           condemnation to them

           which are in Christ

           Jesus, who walk not after

           the flesh, but after the

           Spirit. (KJV)


Gal 5:16


     D. Walk Honestly


Romans 13:13 Let us walk honestly,

             as in the day; not in

             rioting and

             drunkenness, not in

             chambering and

             wantonness, not in

             strife and envying.


         E. Walk By faith


2 Cor 5:7 (For we walk by faith, not by sight:)


     F. Walk in love


Eph 5:2 And walk in love, as Christ

        also hath loved us, and hath

        given himself for us an

        offering and a sacrifice to

        God for a sweet smelling



     G. Walk worthy


Col 1:10 That ye might walk worthy

         of the Lord unto all

         pleasing, being fruitful in

         every good work, and

         increasing in the knowledge

         of God; (KJV)




1 Cor 9:24 Know ye not that they

           which run in a race run

           all, but one receiveth

           the prize? So run, that

           ye may obtain. (KJV)


Heb 12:1‑2  1 Wherefore seeing we

           also are compassed about

           with so great a cloud of

           witnesses, let us lay

           aside every weight, and

           the sin which doth so

           easily beset us, and let

           us run with patience the

           race that is set before


            2 Looking unto Jesus the

           author and finisher of

           our faith; who for the

           joy that was set before

           him endured the cross,

           despising the shame, and

           is set down at the right

           hand of the throne of

           God. (KJV)


God has a purpose for your life. To

what extent will you accomplish that



In running a race there is no

perfect time to run from one place

to the other.


The perfect time for one person is

measured only by the fastest speed

he can run.


But there are many factors that

cause a person to run fast.




knowing the field

ability to endure pain


Heb 12:1‑2 tells us to run:


     A. Realizing that there are a

great cloud of witnesses of those

who have already run their leg of

the race.


They are in heaven now. They ran

hard. Many gave their lives for the

cause of Christ. Their leg was hard

but they endured.


They now encourage us from the

grandstand in heaven.


     B. Lay aside the weights

The habits, friendships, social

engagements and the like that hinder

the cause of Christ must go if we

are to win the race and receive the



Lay aside the sin that so easily

besets you. That one sin particular

to you. That Satan has used in such

a way as to drain the years from you

and render you helpless for the

cause of Christ.


Lay it aside for the Glory of God.

Lay it aside to win the race.

It is not to late to win the race.

You were slowed for a time but you

don't have to loose the race.


C. Run with patience


Many times you will get tired in the race.


You will weary in the race.


But you must never get tired of the



You must not quit the race. You will

be tempted to rest for a while.


You must not, resting is for after

the race.


You will see many going slower than

you, but you must run on.


You will be cheated on in the race.

Some will make claims to the prize

that is rightfully yours. Not to

worry the righteous judge sees all.


Some will try to drain you of your

strength by leading you down a long

dead end trail but the way will

always lead to victory if your

motive is pure.


     D. Run with your eyes upon

        Jesus. He is the author and

        finisher of our faith. He endured.


2 Tim 4:8 Henceforth there is laid

          up for me a crown of

          righteousness, which the

          Lord, the righteous judge,

          shall give me at that day:

          and not to me only, but

          unto all them also that

          love his appearing. (KJV)


James 1:12


     C. You have only one time to

        fight your battle.


2 Tim 2:3‑4  3 Thou therefore endure

            hardness, as a good

            soldier of Jesus Christ.

             4 No man that warreth

            entangleth himself with

            the affairs of this

            life; that he may please

            him who hath chosen him

            to be a soldier. (KJV)


1 Tim 1:18 – 19; 1 Tim 6:12; Eph 6:10‑18


May we fight a good fight and be

ready when we fight the last battle

to meet our captain.



Heb 2:10 For it became him, for whom

         are all things, and by whom

         are all things, in bringing

         many sons unto glory, to

         make the captain of their

         salvation perfect through

         sufferings. (KJV)


May you be able to say as Paul said:


2 Tim 4:7 I have fought a good

          fight, I have finished my

          course, I have kept the

          faith: (KJV)


We only live one time.


There is only one time to:


walk through life

run your race

fight your battle


How will you do?


Will you walk through life as a



Will your run the race of life as a

competent contender.


Will you fight the battles of this

life and win by the grace of

Almighty god?


You can walk, run and fight the

battles of life.


You know how.


Simply give your life to Christ.

Let Him do through you that which

you cannot do for yourself.


He can take your life and win the



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