Exodus 4:22‑23


  Vs 29‑30 The people believed and



  But they were soon to find out that their

  belief was to be tested in ways that they

  had never expected.


  They had been slaves to Pharaoh for so long

  that he had a strong hold on them.


  After Moses and Aaron talked with the

  people they went to pharaoh to plea for

  their release.


 Ex 5:1


  Pharaoh refused to let the people go.


  He refused to recognize Moses God.


  Satan knows God but he will test us to see

  if we know God.


  Those who would win others must know the

  living God.


  Pharaoh makes things worse for God's



  Moses prays when he sees the misery the

  people are going through.


  They had been slaves to Pharaoh for so long

  that his hold on them was very great.


  Many are in this old world.


  And for many years they have been a slave

  to sin.


  It has a great hold on them.


  When they want to leave to serve God the

  sin that binds them says no.


  I will not let you go.

  You are mine.


  And to emphasis the grip that it has it

  demands more of the sinner.


  When we witness and a person has a desire

  to serve God.


  They believe the message.


 This pet sin says you cannot leave me.


  I am in control of your life.


  Moses hears their cry and prays for them.


  He understands their misery.


  He goes to God and prays more fervantly

  than ever.


  God reassures Moses that He intends to

  deliver His people.


  Moses goes back the second time to pharaoh.


  Let my people go that they may serve me.


  Aaron's rod becomes a serpant.

  Magicians imitate.

  Aaron's rod eats their rods.


  Moses goes the third time 7:16


  Turns the river to blood

  Magicians imitate.


  Goes the forth time 8:1


  Causes frogs to come from the river

  Magicians imitate.


  Turns dust to lice

  Magicians cannot imitate


  goes back to pharaoh fifth time 8:20


  swarm of flies


  Finally pharaoh would let the people go but

  with compromises.


  We must come to Christ totally.

  We must not hold back when it comes to

  serving God.


  God wants us to give total commitment.




     Don't quit your old habits











  Rev 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving,

           and the abominable, and murderers,

           and whoremongers, and sorcerers,

           and idolaters, and all liars,

           shall have their part in the lake

           which burneth with fire and

           brimstone: which is the second



  Gal 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked:

          for whatsoever a man soweth, that

          shall he also reap.


  Luke 13:3 I tell you, Nay: but, except ye

            repent, ye shall all likewise



 II. DON'T GO FAR 8:29


     Don't go to every service


     don't be a fanatic


     don't give


     don't fall in love with Jesus


     don't read your Bible


     don't pray


     don't have any concern for other



  Rom 12:1‑2  1 I beseech you therefore,

             brethren, by the mercies of God,

             that ye present your bodies a

             living sacrifice, holy,

             acceptable unto God, which is

             your reasonable service.

              2 And be not conformed to this

             world: but be ye transformed by

             the renewing of your mind, that

             ye may prove what is that good,

             and acceptable, and perfect,

             will of God.



  9:1 Moses refuses these compromises


  sends murrain ‑disease to all cattle 9:3


Boils on man and beast 9:8


  9:13 7th time


  Thunder, hail, fire


  10:13 8th time




 You can serve if you must but don't take

  the children.


  Satan knows if he can break the link of

  faith between a generation he can destroy

  all faith.


  We must teach our children about God.


  We must show them that God is real.


  We must show them that He is real in our



  Matt 18:2‑6  2 And Jesus called a little

              child unto him, and set him in

              the midst of them,

               3 And said, Verily I say unto

              you, Except ye be converted,

              and become as little children,

              ye shall not enter into the

              kingdom of heaven.

               4 Whosoever therefore shall

              humble himself as this little

              child, the same is greatest in

              the kingdom of heaven.

               5 And whoso shall receive one

              such little child in my name

              receiveth me.

               6 But whoso shall offend one

              of these little ones which

              believe in me, it were better

              for him that a millstone were

              hanged about his neck, and that

              he were drowned in the depth of

              the sea.



  Psalms 127:3 Lo, children are an heritage

               of the LORD: and the fruit of

               the womb is his reward.


  Exodus 13:14 14 And it shall be when thy

               son asketh thee in time to

               come, saying, What is this?

               that thou shalt say unto him,

               By strength of hand the LORD

               brought us out from Egypt,

               from the house of bondage:

               15 And it came to pass, when

               Pharaoh would hardly let us

               go, that the LORD slew all the

               firstborn in the land of

               Egypt, both the firstborn of

               man, and the firstborn of

               beast: therefore I sacrifice

               to the LORD all that openeth

               the matrix, being males; but

               all the firstborn of my

               children I redeem.

               16 And it shall be for a token

               upon thine hand, and for

               frontlets between thine eyes:

               for by strength of hand the

               LORD brought us forth out of



  Deut 4:9  9 Only take heed to thyself, and

           keep thy soul diligently, lest

           thou forget the things which thine

           eyes have seen, and lest they

           depart from thy heart all the days

           of thy life: but teach them thy

           sons, and thy sons' sons;

           10 Specially the day that thou

           stoodest before the LORD thy God

           in Horeb, when the LORD said unto

           me, Gather me the people together,

           and I will make them hear my

           words, that they may learn to fear

           me all the days that they shall

           live upon the earth, and that they

           may teach their children.


  Deut 6:6  6 And these words, which I

           command thee this day, shall be in

           thine heart:

            7 And thou shalt teach them

           diligently unto thy children, and

           shalt talk of them when thou

           sittest in thine house, and when

           thou walkest by the way, and when

           thou liest down, and when thou

           risest up.

            8 And thou shalt bind them for a

           sign upon thine hand, and they

           shall be as frontlets between

           thine eyes.

            9 And thou shalt write them upon

           the posts of thy house, and on thy



  Deut 11:19 19 And ye shall teach them your

             children, speaking of them when

             thou sittest in thine house, and

             when thou walkest by the way,

             when thou liest down, and when

             thou risest up.

             20 And thou shalt write them

             upon the door posts of thine

             house, and upon thy gates:


  Joel 1:3 Tell ye your children of it, and

           let your children tell their

           children, and their children

           another generation.


  Moses sends locust





  Don't support God's work


  If everyone had the same notion that I'm

  just going for what I can get.


  Think of it.


  The pastor is going for money.


  The people would go only if there is

  something in it for them.


  There would be no teachers.


  No one to clean the church.


  No one to mow the grass.


  No one to do the work.


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