SISTERS OF HOPE LADIES MINISTRY: The ladies fellowship at Hope Baptist Church is growing and has been blessed with love and harmony, we never take that for granted. If you are within driving distance of Cowan feel free to come and visit with us in the fellowship hall on the first Saturday of each month at 5:00 p.m.

Our ladies are in their twenties all the way up into their 80s, you’ll fit in. We have a devotional speaker and fellowship around the Word of God, and, we get the chance to learn more about each other as we have snacks.

Several of our ladies meet each Thursday and go out on encouragement visitation. Times are rough and everyone has problems, but we are so glad we have each other to share those troubles with. Isn’t it wonderful to have a Savior who carries us through life’s difficulties? The ladies of Hope Baptist look forward to meeting you soon.

  Your Sisters in Christ

  Hope Baptist Church



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