Luke 24:16;31‑32


  The two on the road to Emmaus saw Him at

  first but did not know Him.


  They relayed their story to Jesus, not

  knowing He was Christ.


  Don't you know what has taken place here?


  1. Jesus who we trusted as the Messiah, who

  taught in our synagogues, who healed the

  sick and raised the dead, is now Himself



  2. He was praying in the Garden of

  Gethsemene with three of His disciples

  Peter, James and John. When He was

  captured. He was betrayed by His own close

  friend Judas Iscariot.


  3. Judas lead a band of people armed with

  torches and weapons to capture Jesus.


  4. They took him to Annas the Father‑in‑law

  of Caiphas our high preist. There He was

  questioned. The servant of Annas slapped

  Him because of His answer.


  5. He was then taken to the palace of

  Ciaphas the high preist and an informal

  inquiry was made to find fault against Him.

  And again they mocked Him and hit Him with

  their fists, spit in His face and blindfold

  Him and hit Him and say prophesy now who

  hit you.


  6. Peter denies Him three times as this is

  taking place.


  7. He is then taken to the Sanhedren, the

  Jewish court house, to be formally tried.

  He is falsely accused and even the false

  witnesses can't get their stories together.

  But they find Him guilty of blasphemy and

  worthy of death.


  8. He was then taken to Pilate where He is

  questioned, found innocent, sent to Herod

  who finds no fault in Him, who soldiers

  mock Him.


  9. He is sent back to Pilate where He is

  again questioned. Pilate tries to appease

  the Jews and release Him but the

  bloodthirsty leaders would have nothing

  less than His crucifixion.


  10. Even when Pilate offered to free one

  prisoner they screamed release Barabas and

  crucify Jesus.


  11. Pilate even had Him scourged with a

  cat of nine tails.

  The Romans soldiers that administered the

  scourging mocked and platted a crown of

  thorns and placed them on His head and a

  reed in His hand as a mock scepter.


  12. Pilate again presented Him before the

  the Jewish leaders and again they would be

  satisfied with nothing less then death.


  13. Pilate refused to condemn Jesus but the

  Jews scream let His blood be on our hands

  and on the hands of our children.

  And so it was.


  14. What a dreadful and shameful day in

  Jerusalem when they lead our Saviour

  through the street to the hill Golgotha to

  be crucified


  15. The crowd mocked Him and even took the

  liberty to strike Him as He passed by,

  plucking His beard.


  16. Upon reaching His destiny they

  crucified Him between two thieves.


  17. It was about 9:00 that morning when

  they hung Him on the cross.

  at 12:00 the sky turned black, at about

  3:00 that afternoon it was still pitch

  dark, the earth began to quack beneath our

  feet, and the Vail in the temple was torn

  from top to bottom, as Jesus bowed His head

  and said "it is finished".


  18. As they finish their story, Jesus

  begins to talk to them.


  19. And eventually they realize they are

  talking to Jesus.


  20. They had known of Jesus but they had

  never known Him personally. Now they had

  met the risen Saviour.


  If we are to be effective witnesses for

  Christ and if we would accomplish the

  purpose for which we were created, we too

  must meet the risen Saviour.


  He is not a figure on the cross, He is not

  a distant relative too far away to be



  He is risen and He is right here right now.


  He is in my heart and if you are saved in







    A. They were enlightened

       Luke 24:24‑33


  John 14:16‑20 16 And I will pray the

                Father, and he shall give you

                another Comforter, that he

                may abide with you for ever;

                17 Even the Spirit of truth;

                whom the world cannot

                receive, because it seeth him

                not, neither knoweth him: but

                ye know him; for he dwelleth

                with you, and shall be in


                18 I will not leave you

                comfortless: I will come to


                19 Yet a little while, and

                the world seeth me no more;

                but ye see me: because I

                live, ye shall live also.

                20 At that day ye shall know

                that I am in my Father, and

                ye in me, and I in you.


  John 14:26 But the Comforter, which is the

             Holy Ghost, whom the Father will

             send in my name, he shall teach

             you all things, and bring all

             things to your remembrance,

             whatsoever I have said unto you.


 B. They sat at the table with Him and ate

  with Him  ‑  they enjoyed His fellowship


  Rev 3:20 Behold, I stand at the door, and

           knock: if any man hear my voice,

           and open the door, I will come in

           to him, and will sup with him, and

           he with me.


  1 Cor 1:9 God is faithful, by whom ye were

            called unto the fellowship of his

            Son Jesus Christ our Lord.


  C. He opened their eyes


  Acts 26:15‑18 15 And I said, Who art thou,

                Lord? And he said, I am Jesus

                whom thou persecutest.

                16 But rise, and stand upon

                thy feet: for I have appeared

                unto thee for this purpose,

                to make thee a minister and a

                witness both of these things

                which thou hast seen, and of

                those things in the which I

                will appear unto thee;

                17 Delivering thee from the

                people, and from the

                Gentiles, unto whom now I

                send thee,

                18 To open their eyes, and to

                turn them from darkness to

                light, and from the power of

                Satan unto God, that they may

                receive forgiveness of sins,

                and inheritance among them

                which are sanctified by faith

                that is in me.





  A. Thomas faith was complete


  John 20:25‑29 25 The other disciples

                therefore said unto him, We

                have seen the Lord. But he

                said unto them, Except I

                shall see in his hands the

                print of the nails, and put

                my finger into the print of

                the nails, and thrust my hand

                into his side, I will not


                26 And after eight days again

                his disciples were within,

                and Thomas with them: then

                came Jesus, the doors being

                shut, and stood in the midst,

                and said, Peace be unto you.

                27 Then saith he to Thomas,

                Reach hither thy finger, and

                behold my hands; and reach

                hither thy hand, and thrust

                it into my side: and be not

                faithless, but believing.

                28 And Thomas answered and

                said unto him, My Lord and my


                29 Jesus saith unto him,

                Thomas, because thou hast

                seen me, thou hast believed:

                blessed are they that have

                not seen, and yet have



  John 20:31 But these are written, that ye

             might believe that Jesus is the

             Christ, the Son of God; and that

             believing ye might have life

             through his name.


  Heb 12:2 Looking unto Jesus the author and

           finisher of our faith; who for the

           joy that was set before him

           endured the cross, despising the

           shame, and is set down at the

           right hand of the throne of God.





  He left his nets for good to served the

  living Saviour.


  John 21:14‑17 14 This is now the third time

                that Jesus shewed himself to

                his disciples, after that he

                was risen from the dead.

                15 So when they had dined,

                Jesus saith to Simon Peter,

                Simon, son of Jonas, lovest

                thou me more than these? He

                saith unto him, Yea, Lord;

                thou knowest that I love

                thee. He saith unto him, Feed

                my lambs.

                16 He saith to him again the

                second time, Simon, son of

                Jonas, lovest thou me? He

                saith unto him, Yea, Lord;

                thou knowest that I love

                thee. He saith unto him, Feed

                my sheep.

                17 He saith unto him the

                third time, Simon, son of

                Jonas, lovest thou me? Peter

                was grieved because he said

                unto him the third time,

                Lovest thou me? And he said

                unto him, Lord, thou knowest

                all things; thou knowest that

                I love thee. Jesus saith unto

                him, Feed my sheep.


  Peter did feed Jesus sheep


  Acts 2:

  1 & 2 Peter


  Paul saw Christ and was motivated to serve

  Acts 9:5‑6  5 And he said, Who art thou,

             Lord? And the Lord said, I am

             Jesus whom thou persecutest: it

             is hard for thee to kick against

             the pricks.

              6 And he trembling and

             astonished said, Lord, what wilt

             thou have me to do? And the Lord

             said unto him, Arise, and

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