What is the secret place?


  I do not think it is merely the prayer closet.


  I think it is an intimate place where God deals with individuals one-on-one.


  I think we can be in a relationship with God and experience His presence ‑ not just in the prayer closet but all the time.


  God created every individual for a purpose to be used in His service.


  Ps 139:13‑16


  Jer 1:5 Before I formed thee in the belly I

          knew thee; and before thou camest

          forth out of the womb I sanctified

          thee, and I ordained thee a prophet

          unto the nations. (KJV)


  God has a will for every individual ‑

  something that you can accomplish ‑

  something that no one in the world ‑ time

  past, present or future can do the way that

  God intended you to do it.


  When a person is in the perfect will of God

  doing that for which God gave him life and

  the ability to do to the very best of his

  ability ‑ He is in the secret place.


  The next question is then how do I get in the secret place?


  Vs 1 & 2 Realize who God is


  1. He is Most High ‑ there is no higher authority in the entire world than He.


  2. He is Almighty ‑ He is provider God ‑ He can and will provide the need for the service He calls one to accomplish.


  3. Trust Him


  4.Yield to Him


  Rom 12:1‑2 


  Yield as clay in the potters hand allow Him to mold you into that vessel that He can use for His glory.


  Isaiah 64:8

              But now, O LORD, thou art our

              father; we are the clay, and

              thou our potter; and we all are

              the work of thy hand. (KJV)


   If we are to bring glory to God we must dwell in the secret place.


  There are several promises given this morning to those who would dare to dwell in the secret place.


  I. We must dwell in the secret place for

     CONFIDENCE.   vs 4


     A. In the secret place God protects


 1. His mighty arm covers us


         2. His Truth is a shield and



               a. shield‑with pricks ‑

(Paul why kick against the pricks)


b. buckler‑ Completely surrounds.


 Matt 4:1‑9

Jesus uses scripture every time Satan tries to attack.


  2 Kings 6:11‑17

Elisha's servant sees God's host


     B. In the secret place God provides


          The Devil is an enemy to every

          Christian ‑ his goal is to defeat you. 

          He will try discouragement


          1. I'm not smart enough


  1 Cor 1:27

             But God hath chosen the foolish

             things of the world to confound

             the wise; and God hath chosen

             the weak things of the world to

             confound the things which are

             mighty; (KJV)


          2. God purpose for me is too big


  Phil 4:13 I can do all things through Christ

            which strengtheneth me. (KJV)


          3. No one else ever had this problem ‑ your problem may be uniquely designed for you but it is common to man.


  Rom 8:28

           And we know that all things work

           together for good to them that

           love God, to them who are the

           called according to his purpose.




1 Cor 10:13


  Matt 6:31‑33 31

               Therefore take no thought,

               saying, What shall we eat? or,

               What shall we drink? or,

               Wherewithal shall we be


               32 (For after all these things

               do the Gentiles seek:) for

               your heavenly Father knoweth

               that ye have need of all these


               33 But seek ye first the

               kingdom of God, and his

               righteousness; and all these

               things shall be added unto

               you. (KJV)



  II. We must dwell in the secret place for

      COURAGE. vs 5‑7;vs 9‑13


     A. Fear‑ fear that God can't meet my

        need ‑ if I give to Him first I won't

        have enough for me


     B. We fear men ‑ what is behind that


     C. Fear of starting something we cannot

          finish God sought you out.



  John 15:16 Ye have not chosen me, but I

             have chosen you, and ordained

             you, that ye should go and bring

             forth fruit, and that your fruit

             should remain: that whatsoever

             ye shall ask of the Father in my

             name, he may give it you. (KJV)


  John 15:19  


     If Jesus starts the work in you He can finish it.


  Heb 12:2


  Phil 1:6 Being confident of this very

           thing, that he which hath begun a

           good work in you will perform it

           until the day of Jesus Christ:



 Fear comes when we are out of the secret place.


  III. We must dwell in the secret place for  COMPASSION. vs 8


A. The reward of the wicked is hell


B. Illustration - Rich man and Lazarus ‑ (Luke 16:)


C. Illustration - Victim in the burning house


D. men women and boys and girls are being engulfed by the flames everyday.

  Jude 1:22‑23

22 And of some have compassion, making a difference:

23 And others save with fear,

pulling them out of the fire;

hating even the garment

spotted by the flesh. (KJV)


  If we are not in the secret place we cannot

  hear their cry nor understand their great



  IV. We must dwell in the secret place for CONSTANT SUCCESS. vs 7;14‑16


Success is not measured by material goods but by the degree in which one accomplishes God's purpose for his life.


  Are you right where God wants you this morning?


If not then today is the day to dedicate yourself anew.


  It is the only way we can glorify God with our life.

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